Marvel Preview: Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel and More

Ottley, Ryan. The Amazing Spider-Man #1. New York, 11 July 18AD.

Marvel Preview July 8th – 14th

The week after 4th of July is normally a slow time, comic cons coming up and all that. But, this week we actually get some brand-new books, and even a new format premiering. Ms. Marvel kicks off the new Marvel Infinite line of digital exclusive books with G. Willow Wilson continuing her fantastic run on the character. We also get a new Spider-Man book, helmed by Nick Spencer which sees us going back to the characters roots. Overall this is a pretty good week of releases from the red brand. Let’s check out this week in Marvel.


The Amazing Spider-Man #1- Spencer/Ottley/Ramos

A brand new start for our wall crawling hero, Nick Spencer takes over writing duties after Dan Slott’s decade long run. He is joined by Marvel first timer Ryan Ottley, coming over from his work on Invincible. An invasion has hit New York and the only man who can stop it is Spider-Man? Filled with new characters, Spidey goes back to basics in his new series.

New 7/8 – 7/14

X-23 #1 – Tamaki/Cabal

Fresh off her stint as Wolverine, X-23 is back in her own self titled book. Helmed by Mariko Tamaki, with art by Juan Cabal, we return to Laura’s roots. Retaking the mantle of X-23, Laura is out to make sure no one else has to go through the horrors that she did. Joined by her sister Gabby and their pet Jonathan, X-23 is out to forge her own destiny.

Ms. Marvel #1 – Wilson/Wyatt

In a digital exclusive, G. Willow Wilson continues her great run on Ms.Marvel with a new series. Joined by artist Jake Wyatt, Wilson gives us a fresh number one. With Kamala on the run from The Inventor, she will need all the help she can get. Which high profile super hero will come lend a hand. With the new idea of digital only comics, Ms. Marvel is a great starting place for the company.

Deadpool: Assassin #3 – Bunn/Bagley

Writer Cullen Bunn continues his rebooting of Deadpool with artist Mark Bagley. Deadpool’s adventure in the Big Easy continues, and all the locals want to test the Merc with the Mouth. But that’s not all, he draws the ire of of the deadliest guild in the world, The Assassins Guild. Did I mention there were alot of them? Because there are.

Also Out

Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #3 – Taylor/Silva

Quicksilver: No Surrender #3 – Ahmed/Nguyen

Domino #4 – Simone/Baldeon

Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #4 – Sims/Lim

Exiles #5 – Ahmed/Rodriguez

New Mutants: Dead Souls #5 – Rosenberg/Gorham

Star Wars: Thrawn #6 – Houser/Ross

Darth Vader #18 – Soule/Camuncoli

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #21 – Houser/Koblish

Champions #22 – Zub/Libranda

X-Men: Blue #31 – Bunn/Molina

Ms. Marvel #32 – Wilson/Leon

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #34 – North/Charm

Old Man Logan #43 – Brisson/Ferreyra

The Punisher #227 – Rosenberg/Vilanova

Daredevil #605 – Soule/Henderson

Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Verse #8 – Caramagna/various


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