Are You A Disney Addict?


That’s the question I have for you today? I think I’m one of them. Every single day I always have something regarding Disney on my mind. Whether it’s going to buy something from my local Primark (which is fabulous for Disney) or The Disney Store which I just love or even just browsing on ebay, gumtree or local facebook groups for that fantastic bargain, I can’t seem to stop.

My home is full of Disney. I’ve brought my children up on loving Disney and even my husband has been transformed. We have been very fortunate to have visited Walt Disney World many times even though we live in the UK and can’t just pop over for the evening (oh how in my dreams I wish we could and be an annual passholder)!!

We love Disney especially Walt Disney World. I can’t count on both hands the amounts of times I have been over the years and then like I say introduced my family to the wonders of it. We live in Manchester and I’ve read that WDW is the size of Manchester and yet I can believe it. Four theme parks, many fabulous Disney hotels ranging from value to moderate, two water parks, golf courses, crazy golf courses and more what can you ask for.

My dream would be to stay in The Grand Floridian but we have loved staying at Port Orleans French Quarter on a recent visit and even my husband who plays guitar in a band in his spare time had the pleasure of accompanying Elliot Dyson who was the resident musician at the time sharing the stage with him and playing together most nights, where else do dreams come true.

Well back to being a Disney addict. I live it, I breathe it and I have it everywhere in my home. I go to the parks when I can (have also been to Disneyland and Disneyland Paris). I don’t know what I’d do without Mickey and Minnie and all the wonderful characters.

I love watching the Disney films over and over again and listening to Disney music and listening to park music reminiscing.

It’s my happy place where I find I can always escape to especially if I feel a little bit down. It’s magical and I don’t know where we’d been without the man himself Walt Disney.

I guess you can say I’m a Disney addict. I could spend hours just talking about anything to do with it and never get bored. How about you? Do you find yourself thinking and reminiscing on your Disney travels and look at your Disney stuff in the home.

I have a tradition that every time I visit any of the parks I collect the postcard with the year I visited and I put them in a frame. It’s a cheap way at least when I’m shopping lol because boy do I go over the top and spend lots!! And yes I always dream about the food and shopping.

Bye for now
Carolyn xx


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