Well, folks, it’s finally that time where we’re going to discuss the latest film from the Marvel Universe with you Avengers: Infinity War. But be aware there are spoilers in here, so if you haven’t seen it then you may want to skip this blog for a while.

The movie is the first to pull together the majority of the Marvel universe. There are some notable exceptions, most surprising for me was the lack of Ant-Man. While not one of my favourite characters, the fact that he was in Captain America: Civil War meant I expected him to show up in this film. However, we do have all of the usual characters and a special appearance at the very end of the credits from one of the old-school. We are left in no doubt just how big the Avengers universe is by the end of this film. More on that later.

The Death of Loki
The movie opens with Thanos and Thor doing battle and immediately establishes just how powerful Thanos has already become having claimed the Power Stone. The fight doesn’t go well for the boys from Asgaard and we get our first major surprise as Loki is killed. Thor and Hulk are defeated in the battle. Hold on to your hats, because it’s gonna get much worse…

Hulk crashes into Sanctum Santorum, where he warns Dr Strange about Thanos plan to destroy half the universe. Strange and Hulk, recruit Tony Stark, but before they can formulate a plan, Thanos sends his people to claim the Time Stone from Dr Strange. In one of my favourite scenes in the whole film, Bruce Banner tries to turn into the Hulk but he refuses to come out. Tony Stark turns to him and says “Dude, you’re embarrassing me in front of the Wizards.” Dr Strange is taken on to the alien spaceship, and Tony Stark and Spiderman tag along to try and save him.

Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch and Vision are ambushed in Scotland by more agents of Thanos, but Captain America and Black Widow arrive just in time to help them. This new team then travel to Wakanda where they believe they can protect Vision’s Mind Stone.

The Guardians of the Galaxy rescue Thor who is floating in space, and it turns out that Thor can speak Groot. Which doesn’t impress Groot at all, as he has now become a surly teenager! The Guardians figure out that Thanos will seek the Reality Stone and go to find him. Unfortunately, Thanos already has the Reality Stone and wins the battle and kidnaps his adoptive daughter Gamora. She eventually tells him where the Soul Stone is and he sacrifices her life to get it!

An Epic Battle on Titan
The spaceship taking Dr Strange, Tony Stark and Spiderman arrives on Titan. In an epic battle, the three of them are on the verge of defeating Thanos. But Thanos manages to escape and seriously wounds Tony Stark! Seeing him about to die, Dr Strange surrenders the Time Stone in exchange for sparing Tony Stark’s life. This leaves Thanos just one ring short of holding all 6.

Thanos then turned his attention to Wakanda and the Mind Stone. After an epic battle with Captain America and the Black Panther and a whole host of others, Vision tried to escape into the forest. Unable to escape he told Scarlet Witch to kill him by destroying the Mind Stone. But after she killed him, Thanos used the time stone to rewind time and took the Mind Stone from Vision. Now in possession of all 6 infinity stones, Thanos executed his plan and destroyed half of the universe.

In a shocking sequence we see a number of key characters turning into dust including Barnes, T’Challa, Groot, Maximoff, Wilson, Mantis, Drax, Quill, Strange and Parker. In a post-credits scene Nick Fury returns and sends a distress signal as he, and Maria Hill disintegrate…The transmission is a star insignia on a red-and-blue background. The Avengers are left in a very bad shape come the end of the film.

It was an epic film, so much happened, so many characters were brought together and the Avengers team expanded tremendously. It worked really well, moved on really quickly and seemed a lot shorter than it was. For me the twists and turns that are still to come are very exciting to ponder. What has actually happened to the characters who disintegrated? Where they transported to another time, reality, or dimension, or are they all dead?Avengers Infinity War

The final sequence also seems to hint at the introduction of a new Marvel character to join the Avengers in Part Two. I’m sure we’ll see the introduction of Captain Marvel in the second film, and I for one can’t wait to see what happens next.

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