Disney at SDCC 18: Clone Wars, Marvel and More

Filoni, Dave. Clone-Wars-Saved. San Diego, 22 July 18AD.

The San Diego Comic-Con has came and went yet again, but not without huge news in the world of pop culture. Disney and Marvel didn’t have the biggest presence there, with Marvel Films deciding to skip the whole thing. (Which was good after the James Gunn debacle) But, what we did get was ranged from predictable to downright impossible. Let’s look at some of the bigger Disney/Marvel storylines from the weekend.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Returns

Holy hell, who would have thought that Clone Wars was going to ever come back. After the disputed and eventual shortened season 6, most of the Star Wars fan base just assumed this series had ended. Especially with most of the characters either having their fates tied to the movies, or have been used another animated properties. But, what Dave Filoni has decided to do is beyond what most of us even thought possible.

After 5 years, the Clone Wars will return with a 12 episode series to wrap up remaining plot threads. It will be returning on Disney’s streaming service sometime after the services debut in 2019. We could be seeing some of the unfinished episodes, but I think we will focus on Ahsoka and how she got to Rebels. Either way, it is exciting news for Star War fans.

Marvel Revives Properties

Marvel has jumped on the nostalgia train. After a down year of events and reboots, Marvel has finally pulled the emergency cord on the X-Men. We all knew they would come back soon once the Fox deal went through, but I didn’t expect it before the Dark Phoenix movie next year. Oh well, we could do worse than seeing the Uncanny X-Men back on shelves. No creative team has been announced, but Marvel wants it out this fall. Stay tuned for more information.

Also, quietly happening, is the re-release of Marvel one-shot What If stories. For those unfamiliar with the title, the What If started in the 60’s as a way to have different takes and ideas on a character, but they grew and morphed over the years. They went from specific ideas such as, “What if Peter saved Gwen?” to “Annihilation” and just covered the event if it happened in a different way. This could be a fun way to let top writers jump onto characters are write a cool single issue.   

Marvel TV: Iron Fist, Cloak & Dagger Season 2

Yes, we all know season 1 was easily the worst of the Netflix series, (should have kept the wolves in the origin) but, the teaser for season 2 gave us an action scene shot from an interesting perspective. Now, we didn’t get much, but it at least made Danny look formidable. It’s a good step in the right direction. Hopefully we get a real villain this year as well. WOuld help break up the character drama with Danny.

Over on Freeform, they have a quiet little hit on their hands. Cloak and Dagger season one was actually pretty good, and carried it’s fair share of viewers. So, it’s no surprise that we will be getting a season 2. Not much is known about it, but I know viewers are happy to hear that news. It’s a good time to be a superhero fan, but it’s an even better time to be a fan of good TV. The quality of superhero shows we are getting is just a sign of how well TV has gotten, and Cloak and Dagger benefit from this. Look for season 2 to be even better.



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