Do You Have A Favourite Park In Walt Disney World?

Disney's four parks

That’s my question of the week? As most of us know the four main theme parks are Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Having been fortunate to have visited many times over the years my favourite park has changed from time to time.

When I was younger the Magic Kingdom was always my favourite. Who could resist the very first sighting of Cinderella’s Castle and all the great lands? To this day I always have a tear in my eye whenever I see the castle and know I am home. But over the years as I have grown up my tastes have changed and I’ve gone through both Disney’s Hollywood Studios (although to me at the time it was Disney MGM), then Epcot (which for those that may not know stands for experimental prototype community of tomorrow or as several people like to say ‘every person comes out tired’…..) and now my favourite park is Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

I just love the atmosphere, the different continents, the animals, the attractions, the shows, everything about it is unique yet it exudes everything magic around it in true Disney style.

To be honest every park to me is my favourite. Epcot you can’t beat walking around World Showcase experiencing the shopping and the dining. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios it’s the magic of the movies and the wonderful sci-fi diner and at the Magic Kingdom, every child’s dream big or small and that goes for big kids everywhere like me ….

Obviously now there are changes afoot happening in the parks but the magic is always there whether it’s in the theming, the rides, the attractions, the atmosphere, the food or the shopping. It is an escape to a most magical world.

I’d love to know your favourite park and your reasons why. Drop me a comment I’d love to hear from you.

Bye for now.

Carolyn xx


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