In a world where the world is changing quickly, The Walt Disney Company is too. Attractions based on the acquisitions of Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, as well as theme park refurbishments, are among just the few new exciting extensions Walt Disney Company plans to come to fruition in the next 5 years.

However, let’s not forget one of Walt’s original creations, another world that was created to also change with the times and -like all Disney creations, bring happiness and joy to the masses. EPCOT. Changing with the times once again in 2018, the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival has the objective of once again providing happiness for guests of every age, and the perfect place for every member of the family to fulfil curiosity and discovery.

Things to expect in this wonderful Flower & Garden Festival include outdoorkitchens offering delicious bites, dozens of world-renowned, Disney-themed drinks, breath-taking garden spaces and wildlife habitats, inspirational exhibits, aDzHow-Todzgarden, and engaging tours. Also, an outdoor concert series featuring fan-favourite bands and much, much more.

Set to take place from February 28th to May 28th 2018, a goldmine of Disney characters will be cheerfully wandering around the gardens, including classic-character favourites Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many others, who play a large role in the festival activities. Returning this year, Belle will be featured in France along with Beast from Beauty and The Beast -one of the most magnificent Disney films of all time. You can also find Snow White in Germany with the Seven Dwarfs, and Anna and Elsa in Norway.

A new Future World interactive play garden and a Road to Florida 500 garden featuring new games and play challenges will set the pace for the entire family to enjoy the full pleasure of the festival. The new interactive area in Future World will feature a maze, a sensory garden, an activity zone and a covered seating area. The redesigned Cars themed garden based on Cars 3, will add more fun activities like highway bingo for families.

The Outdoor Kitchens is one of the obvious biggest highlights of the festival, a chance to take in the Food & Wine Festival and also enjoy the best thing Disney does above all else, create a euphoric atmosphere only found in very few places in the world. Therefore the Food & Wine Festival is yet another solid addition to the Flower & Garden Festival.

Enjoy the investments that make Disney an ever-changing entity with this year’s EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival. Based on what Disney has announced so far, it appears 2018 will bring a brand new set of additions to the Flower & Garden Festival, which is great to see. As a huge fan of the entire company and everything it stands for, I for one am particularly interested in the surprises that Walt Disney Company, and EPCOT in particular, has in store for us.


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