Are you going to Disney for the first time?  It’s good to have a fair bit of planning in the bag especially if there are things you know you want to do and see but always go with the flow, it’s not worth getting too stressed about.  I’ve been visiting for over 30 years and I still haven’t seen it all.

Going to Disney isn’t cheap so I’d like to offer my suggestions for first timers.  Please do add any comments and tips of your own at the end, I’d so love to hear them.  Bye for now. xx

Ok, so here we go – in no particular order:

  1. ADR’s (Advance Dining Reservations) and Fast Passes (FPs), sort these before you go.  ADRs can be booked at 180 days before your trip and FPs at 60 days before if you are staying on Disney property or 30 days otherwise.  These will guarantee your restaurant reservations and fastpasses so you will feel a sense of achievement knowing what you are going to ride on/where you are eating.  Always best to have them booked and you can change them nearer the time.  24 hours notice is required for cancelling restaurants and some restaurants and shows require payment up front.  Half the fun of planning too.  If you look online at restaurant menus it will make you very hungry…
  2. Always wear comfortable shoes. This isn’t the time to be wearing your high heels.  Trainers are the best and make sure these are worn in before you arrive.  Definitely have some blister cream in stock just in case. 
  3. Plan to go early into the parks when it is cooler then head back to the hotel for a relax round the pool and then out again into the parks in the evening. If you can get the children (or even adults) to have a little nap in the afternoon then everyone tends to be less cranky.
  4. If you haven’t made any restaurant reservations don’t worry.  Either try and eat earlier before 11.30am or after 2.30pm there is more chance you will be able to secure a table.
  5. Don’t overload your bags for the parks. Make sure you have them open for bag search when in the queue.
  6. Familiarise yourself with park maps before you go. They are huge and you can waste time getting lost.  There are loads of YouTube videos you can watch too.
  7. Always make sure you are drinking but buying drinks can be very expensive. The best tip I ever had was asking at any self service counter for water and ice, it’s refreshing and best of all it’s free.  Some of the parks now do refillable cups which bring the costs down.
  8. Consider packing the kids’ outfits in individual Ziploc Bagsand then all you need do is pass them the bag to get dressed!
  9. If you will have a car, keep a coolbox in the trunk (boot) with lots of drinks on ice – perfect for the car journey home.
  10. A few weeks before you go, get your suitcase out and start putting in things as you remember them. It will save a lot of work and stress nearer the time.   This is one I always mean to do, but often fail on!
  11. Pack ponchosjust in case for unforeseen downpours or wet water rides.  Buy them outside the park where they are cheaper.
  12. The parks can be very busy so check online what days are the quietest for each park for your trip. There are a few websites where you can do this.  Touring plans is a good site to look up.
  13. Buy an over the door hanger to keep small items like toiletries, hair accessories, medications, etc together when there isn’t a great deal of space in your hotel room.
  14. Dress comfortably for the parks!    
  15. Make the most of Extra Magic Hours if you are staying on Disney property.




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