Greatest Disney Memory


This week on The Mouse and His Pals Podcast I was lucky enough to join in and talk everything Disney, with the podcast crew.

The topic this week was our three best Disney memories from our trips.

My number three memory was taking my daughter for her first ever haircut right in the Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld FL. The whole experience from start to finish was amazing and would recommend this to anyone with a kid, below are a couple of photos from the experience and as you can see she enjoyed it too.

My second best memory was seeing the Osbourne Family Christmas Lights in Hollywood Studios, Disneyworld FL. Before they removed the lights (and the streets of New York) during the Christmas Holidays the whole streets of New York was full of Christmas lights donated from the Osbourne family. I still remember turning a corner and seeing hundreds and thousands of Christmas lights, there was Christmas music playing and a few food and drink carts darted around selling festive treats like Eggnog and Cookies. Throughout the evening their would be a light show timed to music and the whole street would come alive, it’s a shame they have removed the lights but you can still catch the videos on YouTube.

My third and best Disney memory is taking my daughter to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique in Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld FL. My daughter was 4 years old when we visited and it was the perfect age to do the Boutique. We went for the castle package, which includes a Princess dress of your choice to keep (she chose Aerial), a full makeover including hair, makeup and nails done, a princess sash and bag to keep, an accessory for the dress and a photoshoot including the photos to keep at the end. From arriving to the Boutique to leaving the park that day she was made to feel like a real Princess, cast members would stop and bow, cleaners and vendors would call her Princess and guests of the park would smile. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had at Disney and will be very tough to beat.

I hope you have enjoyed my best memories from Disney, if you want to hear the guys from the podcasts best memories then check out the latest episode over on iTunes and Google Podcast.

I will finish this post with a couple of photos from the Boutique. Thanks for reading 😁


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