Hi Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome back to my Blog. Today we are going to carry on with talking about the parks at Walt Disney world by discussing the 3rd park to be built there which is Hollywood studios formerly known as MGM studios.

Today I am going to talk about the parks history as well as my favourite rides attractions and restaurants at the Hollywood studios park.

Disney’s Hollywood studios open May 1st, 1989 and was originally named Disney’s-MGM Studios. This was the 3rd of 4 theme parks built at Walt Disney world. The Park was dedicated to the imagined worlds of Film, television, music and theatre drawing Inspiration from Hollywood in the 1930/40s.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios initially opened as both a theme park and an operating production studio, with active film and television production services, an animation facility branch, and a functioning backlot. To increase public interest and the variety of film representation within the park, Disney entered into a licensing agreement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, wherein the park’s original name was derived. The park’s current name took effect in 2008, with the removal of the MGM-branding throughout the park. The park’s icon was originally the Earffel Tower from the park’s opening until 2001 when the Sorcerer’s Hat—a stylized version of the magical hat from Fantasia—was erected in the park’s central hub. It then served as the park’s icon until its removal in January 2015. The tower was subsequently removed in April 2016. Currently, the park remains without an official designated icon, although both The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and The Chinese Theatre are represented as such in marketing materials.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is divided into 7 different lands. These Lands are called.

• Hollywood Boulevard
• Echo Lake
• Grand Avenue
• Pixar Place
• Sunset Boulevard
• Animation Courtyard
• Commissary Lane

In the coming months there will be 2 new lands coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Toy Story land will be opening on the 30th of June this year and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will be open sometime in 2019.

In the next park of this blog I will be talking about my 3 favourite rides/attractions at the park.

In 3rd place is Fantasmic. Fantasmic is the Parks Night time spectacular with lots of Disney music and some great fireworks. Quite a lot of Disney’s most well-known characters make appearances throughout the show.

In 2nd place is Star Tours. Star Tours is a 3D motion simulator ride through a Galaxy Far Far Away. There are a few different journeys you can take on star tours, so you don’t always get the same ride each time.

In 1st place and my favourite ride in the park is the Hollywood tower of terror. The Hollywood tower of terror is an accelerated drop tower dark ride. Each ride you take on here will be totally different from the last because the technology randomises each time this ride operates.

There are many other great rides/attractions in this park, but I would like to give a special mention to Toy Story Midway Mania. This is an interactive 3D shooting gallery featuring characters from the Toy Story Franchise. Each section of this ride is completely different with assorted styles of games and ammunitions to play and use.

I have not had the chance to eat at many of the restaurants at Disney’s Hollywood studios but there are some great restaurants to try if you ever get the chance. Some that I would recommend trying are.

• Sci-fi Dine-In
• Backlot Express
• Hollywood Brown Derby
• 50s Prime Time Café

At this moment in time Disney’s Hollywood Studios is only really a half day park because of all the construction currently taking place at the park. Once both Toy Story land and Star Wars land open this will very quickly become the busiest park in Walt Disney World.

I no this blog is a bit shorted than my other park blogs so far, but I will revisit this park once the new lands open.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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My first experience at a Disney park was at euro Disney in 1993 I was 4 years old at the time. I don’t remember much of the holiday, but I do remember being at breakfast one morning and Pluto licking my face. My Hobbies include playing football and cricket as well as watching many other sports, my main interest is Disney as a whole. My interests peaked in Disney a couple of years ago while battling severe depression, listening to a few Disney podcasts and doing loads of research about the company and the parks help me out as it gave me something to focus my time and energy on.


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