Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Review (no spoilers)

Jurrasic World
Jurrasic World

It’s only been a few years since we last saw the people of Jurassic World, but it’s sure been eventful. After the collapse of the Jurassic World theme park, the characters have all gone their separate ways, and now there is a new threat to the dinosaurs as a Volcano on the island threatens to erupt.

The Set-up

It is clear that the dinosaurs are too valuable to be allowed to go extinct again. Claire Dearing, once again played by Bryce Dallas Howard, is now running a charity trying to secure funding to rescue as many of the dinosaurs as possible. She finally secures the ability to rescue the dinosaurs from Benjamin Lockwood, a former colleague of John Hammond. Hammond, you may remember, was the man who originally cloned the dinosaurs.

Included as part of Dearing’s new mission is that she must recover Blue, the last living Velociraptor. As a result, Dearing recruits Owen Grady, Chris Pratt, to help capture his former pet project. I was a little worried going in that the premise would be a little be too stretched, but I was pleasantly surprised. While not the strongest of ideas, it holds together quite well and fits in with the overall Jurassic Park/World arc.

Once again the special effects are very impressive, as we have chase scenes, dinosaurs hunting humans scenes, and humans hunting dinosaurs. There is the usual level of humour as well, which the franchise has managed to maintain throughout the series.


One of the things that is handled well is the discussions about cloning, the extinction of a species and whether we even have the right to decide. It is a fascinating subject, and one that makes the film better for its inclusion. There isn’t too much of this, just enough to give the film a base for the later action. A small cameo from Jeff Goldblum sets this up perfectly.

If you’ve enjoyed other Jurassic Park films you are bound to enjoy this. The energy is still there, and the special effects are still impressive. It may not have the consistent tension of the original film, but it is well worth the viewing. And there’s always room for a plot-twist or two along the way. And there’s also a scene at the end of the credits for those who stay right to the very end.



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