Marvel Preview: Multiple Man, Sentry and More

Martin, Marcos. Multiple Man #1. New York, 27 June 18AD.

Marvel Preview – 6/24 – 6/30

It is an interesting week of new number 1’s. Characters that have long been in the shadows get to step into their own books and see if they can hang with the big names. Multiple Man and Sentry are two heroes that have long been due for revamped runs, and they are getting them this month. Also we get an interesting idea testing the waters for a Dora Milaje comic. (for those out of the loop, the Wakandan Women Warriors) It’s a good time to jump in if you’re looking for an alternative from the main Avengers roster.


Multiple Man #1 – Rosenberg/Macdonald

Matthew Rosenberg and Andy Macdonald team up  to bring back Multiple Man. A longtime fan favorite, Jamie Madrox, or AKA Multiple Man,is returning for his own solo series. A long standing member of the X-Men, Jamie has bounced around between life and death in the last few years and now he is back…kinda. He has to kill himself to make sure he doesn’t die. I know, crazy idea, but when there could be an infinite number of you anything is up for grabs.


New 6/24 – 6/30

Sentry #1 – Lemire/Jacinto

The greatest forgotten Marvel hero has recently been resurrected in the pages of Doctor Strange and  Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto have been tasked to bring back the Golden Guardian. The Sentry, Marvel’s greatest forgotten hero has recently been resurrected in the pages of Doctor Strange and is now back to everyday life as Bob Reynolds, as the Sentry flies across the skyline. But, how much of the dual existence is real, and how much of his darker side, The Void, remians.  


Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1 – Okorafor/Alburquerque

Riding high off the Black Panther success, Nnedi Okorafor and Alberto Alburquerque team up to bring the Dora Milaje to New York in Amazing Spider-Man #1: Wakanda Forever. Join Okoye, Ayo and Aneka on a globetrotting adventure to protect their realm. Ready for action with or without their king, they take on a Wakandan threat in the 3 part mini-series.


Thor #2 – Aaron/Mundo

In a super heavy metal feel, Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo are starting to bring it in this series. Reunited with his brother, Balder, now the King of Hel, just in time to fight the armies of the Queen of Cinders. The War of the Realms continues across all creation. Loki, Thorgi the Hel-Hound and even Skurge join us in a crazy, monster truck filled issue.  


Also Out

Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Webs and Arrows and Ants, Oh My! #1 – Mccann/Brizuela
True Believers: Ant-Man and Hawkeye – Avengers Assemble #1 – Michelinie/Larocque
True Believers: Ant-Man Presents Iron Man – The Ghost and the Machine #1 – Layton/Layton
Black Panther #2 – Coates/Acuna
Deadpool: Assassin #2 – Bunn/Bagley
Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #2 – Zub/Silas
Star Wars: Lando – Double or Nothing #2 – Barnes/Villanelli
Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #3 – Bowers/Lim
Venom #3 – Cates/Stegman
Old Man Hawkeye #6 – Sacks/Checchetto
Marvel 2-in-One #7 – Zdarsky/Perez
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #21 – Spurrier/Walker
X-Men: Blue #30 – Bunn/Stockman
Ms. Marvel #31 – Minhaj/Quinn
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #32 – Montclare/Bustos
Old Man Logan #42 – Brisson/Manna
Moon Knight #196 – Bemis/Davidson
Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #306 – Zdarsky/Kubert
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Verse #6 – Caramagna/various



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