My top 5 must do’s at Magic Kingdom

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Hello Ladies and Gentleman, today I am going to write about my top 5 must do’s at Walt Disney Worlds, Magic Kingdom. This is my own opinion today and it will range from places to eat, attractions and special events. I hope you all enjoy.

Number 5

Grab at Hot Dog at Casey’s Corner- Now I have not experienced every quick service restaurant at the Magic Kingdom but out of all the places I have, Casey’s Corner is my favourite. right at the end of Main Street on the edge on the hub near the castle, this is the perfect place to get yourself an amazing hotdog and just enjoy the hustle and bustle of the park and you couldn’t have a better view of Cinderellas castle while you eat.

Number 4

Ride the Mountains-Technically there are only 3 mountains at the Magic Kingdom- Splash, Space and Big Thunder, but I will also add the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to this list. I know it’s not really a mountain but it adds to the roller coaster theme. All of these rides are brilliant, Splash is my favourite ride in all of Disney World and even if you don’t experience all the mountains please get your self on Splash Mountain as the ride and the theming for the attraction is incredible.

Number 3

Keys to the kingdom tour- I have yet to experience this tour myself but it is very high on my bucket list. if you are a serious Disney fan which I know many of you are this will be the perfect tour for you. The tour cost $99 and it last’s for 5 hours, on the tour you will learn about the man behind the mouse, get to experience the famous Utilidor’s (underground tunnel), get behind the scenes access to the park and much more plus lunch is included. It is a big dream of mine to do this tour myself just so I can see how the park is run on a day to day basis and learn more about the park and Walt himself.

Number 2

Watch Happily Ever After-Happily ever after has now been running for just over a year taking over from my all-time favourite nighttime spectacular Wishes. I have only seen videos of this show so far and from what I have seen it looks incredible. the show includes well know Disney Music, projections of all your favourite characters on the castle and some amazing fireworks. I can’t wait to see this first hand as I reckon this will take over as my all-time favourite nighttime spectacular.

Number 1

Meet the Mouse himself- If you have been to the Magic Kingdom at not met the mouse then what was the point of going. You can find Mickey in The Town Square Theater on Main Stree USA. The Ques are normally quite long and you can meet Mickey in other parts of Disney World but here he is in his famous costume and I believe this is the best place to meet him.

Thank you for reading this and I will be doing my top 5 must do’s for all the parks in the near future.

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My first experience at a Disney park was at euro Disney in 1993 I was 4 years old at the time. I don’t remember much of the holiday, but I do remember being at breakfast one morning and Pluto licking my face. My Hobbies include playing football and cricket as well as watching many other sports, my main interest is Disney as a whole. My interests peaked in Disney a couple of years ago while battling severe depression, listening to a few Disney podcasts and doing loads of research about the company and the parks help me out as it gave me something to focus my time and energy on.


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