Star Wars – Most Toxic Fandom

Lucasfilms. (19, June 10). Rose Tico [Photograph]. Disney, London.

Well, not even a full 6 months removed from The Last Jedi premiere, and the Star Wars fans toxicity has hit an all new high. Not to say all Star Wars fans are the same, but an ever increasing minority have become more and more vocal. About what you ask? Race and gender of characters. An issue with this community since the Disney acquisition, but now it’s hit an all time high. Forcing Kelly Marie Tran, Rose Tico off all social media due to the horrendous treatment the neckbearded man-babies have given her.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, as Daisy Ridley gave up on Instagram after The Force Awakens. This is just another example of the fans of a franchise not living up to the franchises messages. They want to be looked at as the Rebel Alliance but act like Imperials. Forcing anything that doesn’t conform to their narrow minded beliefs off the internet.

Toxicity in Star Wars

This has been a part of the fandom for as long as I can remember, but I guess it truly started after The Phantom Menace. The “fans” hated two characters so much that Jar Jar was made into the reason the Empire rises. Jake Lloyd got so much hate that he quit acting and has battled addiction and depression ever since. This was pre-social media. Now these trolls have the ability to say whatever they want hidden behind a keyboard and anonymous user name. I would be willing to put money that most of these people have no idea what it even takes to write a script, let alone produce it, but they seem to think they have all the answers. The neckbeards would like to go back to one person of color in the universe and only two females.

Just look around you today. How many people don’t share your pigment? Your ideals? Your religion? Why would Star Wars be any different? We live on one world and have this many different races, why would a galaxy full of inhabitants be any different? This all comes down to the small-mindedness of the group. They can’t see that if they were in the franchise, they would be the bad guys. The way to the darkside is through anger and hate, and that group has enough to create a new Sith Order, free from the rule of two. If they want to see an all white, all male movie, how about they get off their asses and write a script? Produce it and see how terrible that idea is.

Rose Tico Controversy

Now I will be the first to admit that I didn’t enjoy The Last Jedi. Like many, I think there were parts that worked well, but overall the movie seemed to force in more child friendly ideas and comedy. For example, the whole casino scene, well great in principal, didn’t need to take up a full plot thread. Should have been saved for a standalone movie. Even used as a backdrop to set up new villains for other non-force users.

But then there was Rose as a character. Many of her scenes were ultimately unimportant to the main plot. The love interest with Finn wasn’t needed either. These are things that everyone will have a opinion on, but to attack an actress because she took a job and did it to the best of her ability is absolutely asinine. Did her character make some stupid decisions? Yes, but so do all Star Wars characters. I don’t see anyone bashing Oscar Issac’s Poe character for literally getting almost an entire fleet killed because he couldn’t follow order. But since she is a female of asian descent, the whiny fanboys took exception, thinking it is a “social justice warrior” ideals. They have no idea how Hollywood even works or how it did work. 

In Conclusion

Tran didn’t write the script, she didn’t set up shots. Kelly did what she was asked. Taking direction from Rian Johnson. If you hated the movie go to him or Kathleen Kennedy with your whiney message. And yes they are whiny. They complain because they feel that the white man is being subjugated. Please, white males have been the real issue on this earth for a long time. And I’m saying that as one. Forcing others to bend to their will has gone on for too long and I am glad others have taken control. If these fans can’t move forward, they deserve to be left in the past.   

Kelly landed the role and did a wonderful job with what she had. Was she on the same level as Lando? No, but she wasn’t meant to be. Rose served her purpose in the movie and will be a part of the universe regardless of what these “fans” say.


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