Last week I had the privilege of going to see The Incredibles 2 Movie at the cinema with my husband and my daughter who is 11.  I haven’t been to a film on a release date before but the atmosphere was electric.

Written and directed by Brad Bird this sequel comes 14 years after the first film which featured the Parr family who lived in a bland suburbia struggling to hide their powers from a hostile world that has forced ‘supers’ into hiding because their interventions became unwelcome and prohibitively expensive in terms of insurance.

The sequel picks up the story right where the first film ended as the family face off against the Underminer with the help of Frozone. However, their actions are still illegal and the Parrs are now living in a motel facing an uncertain future. After coming to the attention of the wealthy Deavor twins, the Parrs become involved in a project to repair the image of superheroes and repeal the anti-superhero law using a positive example of a superhero.

And so, Elastigirl goes back to saving the world while her husband, Mr Incredible looks after the kids, struggling with parental responsibilities. Violet’s crush Tony has forgotten her after a memory wipe, Dash is struggling with his homework and Jack-Jack’s new powers are a handful. As Elastigirl battles the sinister Screenslaver, the family face new dangers.



I must admit we laughed a lot which was more than I expected and there is a lot of loud action but it was fun.  The only thing I would say that for some younger viewers the film is about two hours long but I actually preferred it to the first film.  Definitely worth going to see.

Before the film starts there is a short film directed by John Lasseter called Bao about a woman who gets a second chance to be a mother when a homemade dumpling comes to life.  It’s a bittersweet, amusing film about the complexity of families.






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