Top 5 Must do’s at Animal Kingdom


Hello Ladies and Gentleman, here today is, my Top 5 must do’s at Walt Disney Worlds Animal Kingdom. Once again these choices are my own opinion and will range from places to eat, attractions, snacks and more. I hope you all enjoy.

Number 5

Have lunch with Donald and pals at Tusker House-Tusker House is by far my favourite place to eat in Walt Disney World, I have eaten here on every time I have been to Florida and I will continue to do so. with a variety of different views and with themeing as if you are in an African restaurant it really is a stunning place to eat. you also get the added benefit of having lunch with Donald and the gang as well.

Number 4

Visit Pandora at Night-Now Pandora during the daytime looks amazing but going there at night is absolutely incredible. The whole place comes alive with fluorescent lights just like in the movie Avatar. I can’t wait to visit myself.

Number 3

Ride Killamonjaro Safaris- Kilamonjaro Safaris is in my top 5 attractions in all of Walt Disney world. The way Disney has set this up is great if you hit this ride first thing in the morning at rope drop or last thing at night you really do get to see the animals in full flow. This attraction is never the same any time you decide to ride it. there will always be different animals around to catch your eye and with the help of the cast member taking you on the safari, you will never be disappointed.

Number 2

Ride to the top of Mount Everest- This for me is the best roller Coaster in Walt Disney World, from the ride itself to the theming of the whole attraction this is a certain must do when you visit Animal Kingdom. I have spoken about this attraction in other articles so please go and take a look.

Number 1

Ride a Banshee on Flight of Passage-As I stated earlier I have yet to visit Pandora or ride Flight of Passage, but what I have been told and that I have read, this is definitely the Number 1 must do at Walt Disney Worlds Animal Kingdom. Taken from a scene in the film Avatar you take a flight on a Banshee through the magical world of Pandora. also with this being a completely new ride system where you ride as if you are actually sat on the back on the winged animal, it really has to be something you have to make sure you experience.



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