Walt Disney World vs Disneyland California


Hi everyone, it’s been a busy time here in my household with the school holidays going on.  A few days ago on facebook a memory came up of three years ago when my family and I had the privilege of visiting Disneyland in California.

I had been there with my parents and brother when I was about seven but I don’t remember too much as it was a ‘good few years’ ago but now going with my family was truly magical.

Walt Disney World holds the special place in my heart but going to experience Disneyland in California is truly wonderful.  An added bonus was when we went in August 2015 D23 was on which was everything Disney you could imagine.

First of all, it’s very hard to compare the parks against each other.  Walt Disney World is in its own entirety stretching out over miles and miles where once you stay there you don’t have to go far.

With Disneyland, it’s in the middle of Anaheim a local suburb and it’s almost plonked right there in the middle so I’m thinking the spark and magic when you initially arrive is not as great.


The castle is tiny compared to Florida but it’s special it really is.  How can you not imagine the wonderful Walt Disney working on his first theme park and having his office there.  Just walking past his office in Main Street where there is a light on is truly special something you won’t get at any of the other parks.

Some of the rides I feel are better at Disneyland like Pirates of the Carribean and It’s a Small World and Cars Land in Disney’s California adventure is pure magic.

If you ever have the chance to visit both parks it’s truly something not to be missed.  There are just three Disney hotels all of different budgets and we had the honour of staying in the Disneyland Hotel.

But just outside of Downtown Disney the road is full of hotels and motels to fit every budget.

Have any of you been to both parks?  Would love to know your thoughts and which you might prefer but they are both so different it’s hard to compare them.  I think also to go with the attitude of comparing them is not the best way they have to both be experienced individually.

Have a great week.

Carolyn x


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