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So as this is my first Blog for the website, I thought I would start with my favourite and that is Walt Disney World.

I have been lucky enough to have visited Walt Disney World 5 times at the ages of 2, 7, 11, 15 and most recently September 2016. I can honestly say this place is a home away from home for me and it keeps pulling me back.

When it comes to the parks themselves, at a younger age I used to really dislike EPCOT as I felt the attractions weren’t to my taste. However as I have got older I have fallen in love with the park more and more with each trip, and I specifically love World Showcase within the park. For me, my favourite pavilions are Mexico and France due to the aesthetic of these pavilions and I find these to have a lot of interesting features. I believe the Three Caballeros ride in the Mexico pavilion is hugely underrated however, if the potential rumours are true of a Coco attraction replacing it I think the popularity of the ride will increase drastically.

I also feel in the next few years EPCOT will become even more popular with the expansion of Future World which will include the Ratatouille ride, Mary Poppins ride and the Guardians of the Galaxy rollercoaster. I believe the GOTG roller coaster disagrees with the image of future world and believe a roller coaster based on one of the countries in world showcase would be more appropriate for the park e.g. a Mount Fuji Rollercoaster, as it would suit the picturesque pavilion and blend with other famous mountain attractions in WDW. When it comes to Epcot my favourite attraction is Soarin and I was mightily impressed with the new Soarin: Around the World on my most recent trip. I found it brilliant as it gave people the opportunity to see some beautiful locations they probably will never get to see in real life such as the Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower.

On the other hand, my favourite park as a child was Disney’s Hollywood Studios as it had my favourite attraction and I am huge film fan. I feel Hollywood Studios contains some of the best elements around WDW, from Fantasmic, all the way through to Toy Story Mania. However, the best thing about Hollywood Studios for me is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. For me this ride is a Disney classic and believe it immerses you in the ride superbly due to the queue, pre-show and experience in which you will gather so much air time that you will start to question whether you were sane to ride this amazing attraction.

Unfortunately, on my most recent trip I found the park to be rather disappointing and empty due to highly publicised construction of Toy Story Land, Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway and the most highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Due to this there was a very limited amount open and I could complete everything within 5 hours. Although disappointed, I believe this park will be truly amazing as I think Galaxy’s Edge will be such an immersive experience that even non Star Wars fans will get lost in the brilliance of Batuu as I think it will be the most impressive land across WDW.

The park which I think has come on leaps and bound between my two most recent visits was Animal Kingdom. This park always gets a reputation for being a “glorified zoo” but for me I feel this park has always provided more. The park includes some amazing experiences including the Kilimanjaro Safari’s which can provide an amazing up close look at some beautiful animals. You also have arguably the best rollercoaster as well in Expedition Everest which is a high speed coaster in which you will get to scale the legendary mountain while also confronting the dangerous Yeti.

In my opinion, the thing which has made this park an absolute must see and provides some of the most beautiful sites is Pandora – The World of Avatar. This land will give you the opportunity to see some beautiful flowers and a “flouting mountain”. I have never seen the film but I thought the whole land was visually jaw dropping. But it doesn’t stop there because for me it has the best attraction on WDW property and that is Flight of Passage. This ride gives you the opportunity to fly on a Banshee across the Valley of Mo’ara. I can honestly say I fell in love with this ride the second I joined the queue. It for me is the best attraction in the world and if you get the opportunity to visit WDW you must ride this attraction! I wish I could say more and I feel I could write a whole blog on this magnificent ride.

Finally, we must discuss the happiest of them all and that is Magic Kingdom. This park is fast approaching its 50th Anniversary and it gets bigger and better every year. Where do I start? You have the iconic Space, Splash and Thunder Mountains. The legendary dark rides or the brilliant Pirates of the Caribbean. There is too much to discuss at this park in a blog with the other parks. However, I will discuss my favourite experience at this park and that is the firework show which is Happily Ever After. This show only came to Magic Kingdom in May of 2017 and it already has a superb reputation within the Disney Community. It’s blend of early Disney classics, the renaissance era through to present day is superb. The lights and firework are superb choreographed. I can honestly say I had a lump in my throat on multiple occasions throughout the show, especially when my all-time favourite Go the Distance came on.

Well that is a very quick overview of my opinion of each park. I wish I could talk more about each park. Hey maybe I could have an individual blog on each soon?

I hope you guys enjoyed my blog and hope you have a magical day.



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