Walt Disney World Parades through the years



I have had the pleasures of seeing many Walt Disney World Parades through the years both daytime and evening ones.  Whilst there are different parades in different parks I think it’s the Magic Kingdom that has always had the most significant of the parades over the years.

Here is a list from when the park opened of all the different 3pm parades the Magic Kingdom has had.

  • Character Parade(October 1 – December 9, 1971)
  • Cavalcade of Characters(1974-1975, 1977-1978)
  • America on Parade(June 6, 1975 – September 6, 1976)
  • Mickey’s 50th BirthdayParade (1978)
  • Dumbo’s Circus Parade(January 2, 1979 – December 21, 1979)
  • Tencennial Parade(October 1, 1981 – September 30, 1982) A parade celebrating the 10th anniversary of Walt Disney World. The theme song was “Disney World Is Your World”.
  • Mickey Mouse Character Parade(October 1983 – May 1984)
  • Donald Duck’s 50th Birthday Parade(1984)
  • Mickey’s Street Party(January 1985 – 1986)
  • 15 Years of Magic(October 1, 1986 – September 1987)
  • Spirt of America(1987-1988 and Fourth of July 1989, later used as a 1991 pre-parade)
  • Mickey’s All-American Birthday Parade(1988–1990)
  • Disney Character Hit Parade(October 1, 1989 – September 1991) also known as the Zip Parade.
  • 20th Anniversary Surprise Celebration Parade(September 22, 1991 – June 1994): Renamed Surprise Celebration Parade when the 20th Anniversary celebration ended
  • Mickey Mania(June 1, 1994) – 1996)
  • Remember the Magic(September 1996 – September 30, 2001): Renamed Disney’s Magical Moments Parade when the 25th Anniversary celebration ended in January 1998. This parade was the first interactive parade, and featured seven, later reduced to five, show stops along the parade route.
  • Share A Dream Come True Parade(October 1, 2001 – January 4, 2014): Renamed the Disney Dreams Come True Parade in 2006, then the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade in 2009.
  • Rainy Day Character Cavalcade: A viable alternate to the regularly scheduled daytime parade in the case of inclement weather, and utilizes the Main Street vehicles.
  • Main Street Trolley Parade(February 2003 – present)
  • Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play it! Street Party(February 12, 2009 – present): Formerly named Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! (Renamed in Fall 2014)
  • Festival of Fantasy Parade(March 9, 2014 – Present)

Do you have a favourite?

My personal favourite was the Remember the Magic parade… I remember the music for that so well.

Of course how can you forget both the Main Street Electrical Parade and Spectromagic at evening the lights, the sounds just stunning and always made me cry at the end of a wonderful day.

Let’s not forget the parades in the other parks all of which are such fun to watch and on top of that you have all the special celebration parades at different times of the year.

Carolyn xx








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